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Confluence Plaza.

Quick Facts

  • May 20, 2023, at 1:30 PM

  • Cleaning up Confluence Park (trailhead of LA River Bike Path)

  • 20 participants 

  • Organization's pilot project

  • Project Evaluation phase


OUR PROJECT (in a nutshell)


Hi, I'm Peter. The 
project organizer!!

For two hours on May 20, 2023, our team partnered with East Meet West Parent Education Club (EMWPEC) on our organization's first pilot project! Together, we cleaned up Confluence Plaza, a worn-down community plaza in Cypress Park owned by the Mountian Recreation Conservation Authority (MRCA). This initiative was an exemplary model for instilling a sense of community responsibility to individuals of all ages. The clean-up operation involved the removal of litter, upkeep of the plaza and surrounding land, and the restoration of defaced surfaces (including the plaza's three picnic tables). 


  • Improves the plaza's look and aesthetics

  • Encourages the community to keep community spaces clean and up-to-date

  • Makes it a more pleasant trailhead for the LA River Bike Path

  • Can help spark redevelopment of the area

  • Promotes active transportation (walking, cycling, etc.)



Our team picked up litter, removed weeds, and mended the landscape.

  • Removal of trash and litter

Enhancing the park's overall pleasantness and cleanliness.

Screen Shot 2024-07-11 at 8.04.37 PM.png

What we Did!




We removed hideous graffiti from the main entrance sign, the long bench, and the side wall adjacent to the picnic tables.

  • Removed Graffiti

Screen Shot 2023-04-03 at 9.49.40 PM.png

Enhance your experience of the environment by making it more enjoyable and peaceful.

The picnic tables were disgusting! However, we restored all of them using black paint and graffiti removal.

  • Restore the Picnic tables

Remove the graffiti that is making the tables unusable! 


Community Impact

We would like to express our gratitude to the East Meets West Parent Education Club for their support of our project. Thanks to their efforts, we were able to gather over 20 participants to join us. It's great to have partners like them who share the same passion and commitment towards our cause. Let's continue to work together towards our goals!

This pilot project offers a chance to enhance community development in the Cypress Park, Mount Washington, and Lincoln Heights neighborhoods by improving the car-centric and polluted environment surrounding the plaza. By transforming the plaza, we can positively impact the community spaces, promote biking and walking, and increase the usage of the LA River Bike Path.

Screen Shot 2023-10-28 at 7.04.09 PM.png

Better LA River Path 

The LA River Bike Path trailhead is at Riverside Street where the Confluence Plaza is located. With the improvements, path users can have a place to connect with others and relax on the plaza's mended seating areas. The plaza is far from perfect, but more improvements could be implemented soon.


We had the privilege of partnering with several organizations throughout our project. The plaza's proprietors, the Mountain Recreation and Conservation Authority, graciously granted us permission to work on the project. The East Meets West Parent Education Club supplied us with excellent volunteers who assisted us with the project. Additionally, we extend our gratitude to Home Depot, who donated $100 of materials and provided us with free paint worth $50 for the project.​

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