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Quick Facts

  • Improves the community

  • Project Planning Phase



The Backpack Project is a wonderful initiative that aims to help the community in the San Gabriel Valley of LA. This project involves donating backpacks filled with essential supplies to small schools and orphanages in need. It's heartening to see such efforts being made to support those who are less fortunate and I hope that this project will make a meaningful difference in the lives of those it touches.​


  • Deliver 60 backpacks to schools and orphanages in need

  • Learn daily teamwork, leadership, and communication skills

  • Raise funds with GoFundMe and initiate tasks and fundraisers

  • Learn to solve problems in unpredictable scenarios

  • Create a Google Slides presentation, PSA video, and flier to share the project

  • Gain at least 5 PVSA volunteering hours

  • Enjoy the process

More Information posted soon!!! Check out our project document.


We are initating this project with the help of East Meets West Parent Education Club.

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