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Were Can You Travel (internationally) To Paradise? UPDATES!

Updated: Aug 9, 2021

LOS ANGELES; June 2, 2020: Updated; July 1, 2020: A agreement was made between the two countries (United States and China) to have four flights a week on Delta and United Airlines (was two flights a week) and four Chinese carriers (Air China, China Southern Airlines, China Eastern, Xiamen). Updated; June 8th: Trump is still speaking to China about "banning flights" situation, but is most likely to use its most recent agreement. Air China,

China Eastern Airlines, China Southern Airlines, Xiamen Airlines will be able to fly one weekly flight to U.S.

Updated; June 3, 2020: Trump announced that any China airline carrier (service to USA) will be banned on June 12. They recommend that you should travel to China (if it's necessary) before June 12 (EVA, China Airlines, Cathay Pacific will not be affected). . With lots of people wanting to travel since 2 years are finally making the move. Pushing back their comfort zone to


AeroMexico continues to service Mexico City, Monterrey, Guadalajara. Mexico City is operating 6 frequencies per week. Guadalajara will also have 2 frequencies. Monterrey will be suspended until June 30.

Air Canada

- flights from Vancouver: 4 flights per week (from 1 weekly)

- flights from Toronto : 3 flights per week resuming

- flights from Montreal: 1 flight per day resuming June 1

Air China

Air China, is currently resuming monthly flights to Ontario International. These flights fall on select days due to the pandemic. During this time, you must quarantine regardless of having the vaccine.

flight from LAX (CI007): 6x monthly (5 / 15 / 17 / 19 / 22 / 26 / 29)

flight from Taipei (CI008): 8x monthly (3 / 13 / 15 / 17 / 20 / 24 / 27 / 29)


flight from ONT (CI023): 1x monthly (8)

flight from Taipei (CI024) 1x monthly (10)

Air New Zealand

The daily flight to Auckland at 9:45 PM is still in service and not planning to change at this moment.

Air Tahiti Nui

Tahiti reopened on May 1 and now allows Americans to enter. Flights will operate to Tahiti on select days only. Important to note that flights to Paris will be suspended through June 22nd.


Nippon Airlines continues to serve daily service to Tokyo Haneda/Naritia. For passengers heading to Japan must have a negative test before arrival and install apps.

American Airlines

American Airlines will not start service to Shanghai and Beijing until September.

Asiana Airlines

Asiana Airlines is still giving 1 daily frequency to Seoul at 12:10 PM. No changes on the flight are announced yet.

British Airways

Due to recent events, British Airways will not serve its morning flight. Now, until further notice, the airline will continue to serve daily flights to London Heathrow.

China Eastern Airlines

Banned from LAX

Service from China Eastern will not start service until September.

China Southern Airlines

Not Banned

China Southern Airlines is currently flying to Guangzhou in the weekend. The flight departs Guangzhou on Saturday and arrives back (from LAX) on Sunday.

Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines is flying internationally from LAX to Los Cabos and Puerto Vallarta. Flights to the rest of the world will begin somewhere in summer/fall season. Updated: They are resuming their Sydney service this July!

EL AL Airlines

Starting May 30, EL AL Airlines will expand frequencies. With service from Sunday to Friday. Recently resumed from recent issues in Isreal.


Service to Emirates have recently resumed flights to Dubai.


EVA Airlines is continuing to serve limited flights from Taiwan. During this time, you must quarantine for two weeks in Taipei. Regardless, of the vaccine.

Hawaiian Airlines

Hawaiian will still serve Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle daily. Although, long haul and international service will not start until June 30 (July 31). Click on link for more info. (click Flight status PDF for info on flights)

Japan Airlines

Japan Airlines will suspend all LAX service except flights from LAX-Narita. #016 (from Narita) will depart on a Wed and #015 (from LAX) will depart on a Thur.


KLM services 3 weekly service from Amsterdam to LAX. Sun, Tue, Fri are the days they have serve LAX.

Korean Air

Korean Air is continuing serving LAX, but only with 1 frequency. KE011/012 with still operate daily with a B777-300ER. Plans are to resume the KE017/018 flight starting in July, but will only operate on Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun. Click on link for more info July: June:

Philippine Airlines

Philippines Airline will still serve MANILA – LOS ANGELES – MANILA.

Every Mon / Wed / Thu / Sun (Effective June 11)

Every Mon / Wed / Thu / Sat / Sun (Effective June 15)


Qantas will suspend all their international (except Australia and New Zealand) until the end of July, due to government restrictions.

Sichuan Airlines

Still Banned!!

Update: Sichuan Airlines was planning on resuming US flights from Friday, June 12th. (on a Chengdu – Hangzhou (HGH) – Los Angeles – Hangzhou – Chengdu routing)

Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines is still flying to US, although LAX is only location that they are flying to (in USA) internationally. They're going to operate on Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun, but the week after will depart on Tues, Thur, Sat (it will not fly 2 days in a row) Click the link to see the actual dates:


Planning to being LAX service starting in summer/fall period. Go to the nearest city serving destination to go on SWISS starting today!

United Airlines

Tokyo Narita flight has restarted 3x weekly service during May. Flights to London and Shanghai will start in September. Updated: More international flights will start in August 4th (Los Cabos, Cancun, Vancouver)!


Still giving service to LAX daily. No extra info included.

Xiamen Airlines

Not Banned

Xiamen Airlines will serve LAX on a limited service offer. Will depart Xiamen on Saturday and arrive from LAX on Monday.

Hope you enjoy this info. Comment if any changes on any airlines happen. Stay safe worldwide!


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