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 LAX Terminals

Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) boasts a total of 9 terminals, all of which are interconnected post-security. Each terminal features a unique design and a diverse range of retail options, offering an engaging and memorable experience for travelers. Notably, major airline hubs like American, Delta, and United serve multiple terminals within LAX. Furthermore, all are undergoing extensive upgrades by 2028 to provide a world-class travel experience. As such, LAX represents an exceptional destination for those seeking a seamless and hassle-free journey.

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Terminal 3


  • Delta (check-in; gates)

  • AreoMexico (check-in; take

bus from T3 to TB)

  • Westjet (check in T2)

Gates: 21-28

  • Westjet (check in T2; T3 secuirty)

  • Delta (gates only)


Terminal 2

  • Allegiant Air

  • Air Transat

  • Breeze Airways

  • Cayman Airways

  • Condor

  • Lynx Air

  • Norse

  • Sun Country

  • Viva Aerobus

Terminal 1


The Delta terminal has received some AMAZING upgrades. However, please note that Terminal 2 is only for Westjet passengers to check in. If your flight is scheduled to depart from Terminal 2 (or 3), you must go through security in Terminal 3 before using the post-connector terminal connectors that lead to your desired terminal.


This terminal, built for the Los Angeles 1984 Olympics serves most international flights and arrivals. It is currently undergoing a major improvement project. In 2021, the new West Gates opened.

Tom Bradley
Terminal 4

Gates: 40 - 49

  • American Airlines


Flights depart: T4, 5, and B; I

International arrivals: TB

Regional Termainal

Gates: 70-88

  • American Eagle

Take shuttle from T4/5 to the terminal

Terminal 5

Gates: 50-59

  • American Airlines *

  • JetBlue **

  • Spirit


* Flights depart: T4, 5, and B

 International arrivals: TB
** International arrivals at TB;

Domestic arrivals at T5; All

flights depart at Terminal 5

Terminal 6

Gates: 60-69

  • Advanced Air

  • Air Canada

  • Alaska Airlines

  • (International flights arrives at Terminal B)

  • Horizon

  • Southern Air (Mokulele)

Terminal 7/8

Gates: 70-88

  • United Airlines

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