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 LAX Transport!

LAX is the MOST confusing airport. Below is a guide to mastering its Ground Transport. 

LAX is always changing. The majority of traffic used to be mostly personal vehicles and taxis. However, there are alternative modes.

LAX Flyaway

Buses or Metro

Ride Share


FlyAway Shuttle Icon.png

Zoom Zoom Zoom! LAX Flyaway is a AMAZING service that provides fast and reliable service from Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) to Van Nuys or Union Station in Downtown Los Angeles. It zooms frequencly through traffic via dedicated bus lanes makes it a Perfect option.  Click to see scheudles, maps, and how buy tick

With the new K Line opening nearby (not completly finished yet), Metro and its buses are getting more useful. Learn about its ajacent lines and tips you would only get from a local. Click to l more

Still, want to drive? No worries! Learn AMAZING tips, alternative thoroughfares,

the peak hour times, and other info no other human knows! All of have to do is click on the button

Ground Transportation

Located outside of Terminal in Arrivals

At the airport, most ground transport options are located outside of the terminal at the arrivals level. On the inner curb, you will find buses such as the Flyaway, LAX Terminal Connector, LAX-IT Shuttle, and more. On the outer curb, you can find private car pickups or shared ride vans that go to a variety of places around Los Angeles. The only shuttle that can be found on the departure level (Level 2) is the hotel shuttle.

I want...

A rental car is essential if traveling to a friend on the outskirts of the San Bernardino Mountains or simply taking a fun drive down Interstate 405. 

To access, head to the ARRIVALS level (Level 1) and exit the terminal. Outside, head to the outer curb (where personal cars are) and look for the purple signs and columns.

* LAX finishes its new train and consolidated rental car facility next year, making this obsolete soon.

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Rental Car
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