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Our vision for Lax Amazing is to create an amazing, creative, and equitable Los Angeles, including the airport (of course). We strive to provide a platform for all Angelenos to come together and share their unique perspectives, talents, and experiences. Our mission is to create a vibrant and equitable community in which everyone can access and benefit from the many opportunities that Los Angeles has to offer. Our first vision is to clean up dirty, unpleasant parks.

Los Angeles River Trail Cleanup (Phases)

Our team is cleaning up Confluence Plaza near the Los Angeles River Trail. We are determined to improve this plaza, which is located on Riverside and Figueroa St and is currently filled with trash due to the city’s lack of maintenance. We made a difference in the Cypress Park by cleaning it on May 20.    

IMG_3234 2.JPG

La Metro Cleaning

The Metro is used daily by many riders.

It needs repair!

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Multimodel Weekends

Going on a family outing on a sunny Sunday? Check out the alternative transit options. It might help!

Progress N/A
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