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When exploring a bustling metropolis like Los Angeles, effective transportation is key! Fortunately, this page provides helpful tips on how to navigate the city with ease. For visitors, renting a car may not be necessary, as the expansive light rail and subway system ranks among the largest in the nation and continues to expand. Additionally, biking, walking, and using a scooter offer convenient options for traversing the city. 

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Public Transport 


image of E Line_train.jpeg
la_metro_map_june 2023.jpeg

Getting around Los Angeles is now easier with the LA Metro train, providing service to many key neighborhoods and attractions. The Metrolink commuter rail also offers quick transportation to the outer suburbs and neighboring counties. However, if your destination is not near a train stop, Metro's 140 bus lines cover all areas of LA County. Other agencies like Foothill Transit also serve specific regions of LA County, such as San Gabriel Valley.

Quick Facts

  • 6 Metro Rail lines, 142 bus lines 

  • Metro FARE is $1.75 one way (other agencies vary)

  • Metro and 28 other agencies pay by TAP card

  • Trains run daily from 4-12 am
    Buses run based on route (some have late-night service

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