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You asked for it! A new project's page is on its way. The Crenshaw info (is wrong and other things) make us want to do it. For now enjoy this one (and the flashy countdown clock):) Cheers!



LAX's new Automated People mover will be open in 2023! "Get to your plane on time without the stress," the LAX people mover overview video stated. This project started construction in 2018 and now finishing work on the guideway and stations. The people mover will have six new stations, including an interchange station with Crenshaw/LAX Line! (when the Crenshaw line opens, the new connector station will not be in service. Crenshaw line users will have to disembark at Aviation/Century station and catch a shuttle bus. Aviation/69 St Connector will open in early 2024. More information is on

Information on stations: 

At West Station: You can access Tom Bradley Terminal with pedestrian bridges to Terminals 3 and 4. Check the Terminals to find your airline's location.

At Center Station: You will be able to, via pedestrian bridges, access terminals 2,5, and 6. Check the Terminals to find your airline's location.

At East Station: You will be able to access the rest of the terminals

(1,7, and 8) and a quick walk to LAX-IT. Check the Terminals to find your airline's location.

At INT Station: You will be able to access the INF, the modernized economy parking facility that recently opened. Before this line opens, a shuttle bus will take you to the terminals. 

At Airport Metro Connector Station: The new station will give you a quick, modern transfer to Crenshaw/LAX and Green lines. It will also be home to a new bus plaza and cycling facility. This state-of-art facility will open in 2024.

The Conrac Station: connects to the under-construction Consolidated Rent-A-Car Center (ConRAC), which will become a much more efficient way to rent a car. It will be operational in 2023.


The project is still projected to open in 2023, without the Metro Connector station. Crews finished placing the gilders for the bridge that will take passengers from the international terminal to the People Mover. For construction alerts, check at this link.



The Crenshaw line is a $2.1 billion project that runs through Inglewood, Hyde Park, Leimert Park, Crenshaw, and many more neighborhoods. The new Crenshaw/LAX Line has recently delayed the opening to the Summer of 2022. Look at this sneak peek video to see the progress of the Crenshaw Line. This line will also connect to existing lines (C, E) and Ram sports fans to the Sofi Stadium in Inglewood! Soon, this line will connect to the Airport People Mover and the SoFo Studium Tram!  

Check for more info.

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