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Hello! I am Peter Brassard, the founder of LA Amazing! We aim to make Los Angeles more AMAZING! We want Los Angeles to be a friendly, accessible place for all. However, we just started and will need your support to soar towards our vision for LA. Learn more by clicking the button.


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Welcome to LA Amazing! We are a student-run organization dedicated to making our city, Los Angeles, an even more amazing place to live, work, and play. Join us in community projects like park cleanups and advocacy events to help create positive change for our LA communities. Together, we can make an incredible impact!


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Our team started our FIRST PROJECT!  With support from other partners, we cleaned up Confluence Plaza near the Los Angeles River in May 2023. We removed litter, restored surfaces, and maintained the plaza and surrounding land. We helped improve the LA River region!

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Easy ways to get around

Although cars are the primary mode of transportation in LA, thousands of people rely on other transit options such as Metro Rail, bus, bike, and scooter share. We are advocating towards improving transportation in LA by implementing more transit options, frequent transit, upgraded stations and mobility hubs, and other initiatives. Numerous projects are already underway in preparation for the 2028 LA Olympics.


A Better place to live

Improving public areas in LA is crucial to provide residents with better places to relax and socialize. This can be achieved by enhancing parks, creating walkable neighborhoods, organizing open streets, and building diverse plazas. Our team recently renovated Confluence Plaza, located east of the LA River in Cypress Park. Investing in more projects like this will help establish safe and enjoyable public spaces for everyone.​


A picture of our organization (with East Meets West Parent Education Club) cleaning up and improving Confluence Plaza.

Our goal is to unite people living in different parts of the county. We support and desire more great events like Ciclavia, community farmer markets, and city festivals. However, to achieve this, it requires genuine investment in improved transportation and clean and safe community spaces. We also want people from different parts of the world to enjoy our city and its culture.

Connecting our communities to the world!


MAILING: 20 La Porte Street, Arcadia, CA 91006

(626) 787-3793

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