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BYE BYE American! Hello! (United and Delta)

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

LOS ANGELES; July 7, 2020: As may have known that five days ago, American Airlines shut down most of their Long Haul service (more likely for United Airlines). Service to Sydney, Melbourne, Hong Kong. That is not all. Only US airline (at LAX) to fly to Beijing, São Paulo, and Buenos Aires. However they will still service to London, Sydney, Tokyo, and start new service to Auckland, but it pretty dead on its Asia service (not going to lie). Most of its Asia operations have moved to Dallas-Fort Worth by now and this is the chance for Delta and United!

  1. United started service to many other domestic routes (on July 6) and now are using the 80 gates. Although, there is no international this July. In August, United will start service to Latin America! They are also getting new routes to San Salvador and more! Today, they announced in September, they will resume service to Sydney starting their new service to Tokyo (Hanada). United said earlier that they are closing the B-787 (plane) market and closing their hub (Spoiler Alert!!), but now resuming service to Tokyo (Narita) in October!! This is chance for United to take their opportunity and take these routes and get bigger on there Aisa service (Related: United now planning to start Shanghai in October)

  2. Delta is working on starting its wonderful service to Sydney. And reopened terminal 3 service!! Portland, Las Vegas, and many more routes have got conquered on Delta's control again. They have service from Detroit and Seattle to Shanghai (via Seoul) and maybe they can start service to there again!


Although, LAX is not as it used to be. American lost and flights vary. Mabey Delta or United will step up and gain impact on LAX. We will find out soon and I'll keep track on the newest data every day!!


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